A few weeks ago I wrote about how affinity partnerships might be something for you to look into as a means of finding new clients at a lower cost of acquisition. Laughlin Associates has a growing number of these types of partnerships and is always excited to develop new relationships.

This morning we did a web launch with our new partner, Roni Deutch Tax Centers (RDTC). While many of you have seen Roni’s commercials that describe how her law firm can help you mediate your past due tax problems, what most people don’t know is that RDTC has 78 franchise tax preparation offices. open around the country and they expect that number to double by early 2011. They are positioning themselves as a trusted advisor to small, closely held companies and are offering a menu of foundational services to back up that value proposition. Laughlin will provide incorporation and record book management to the RDTC clients. It is wonderful for us to have the chance to partner with a company that has a clear idea of how they will fit into the small business market.

When I hung up the phone after the launch webinar, I had only a few minutes before getting on a call with another CEO. His company has an intimate relationship with upwards of 4000 medical clinics throughout the country. We explored how we might help them add value to their doctor clients. That potential partnership looks good and I will talk more about it as it progresses.

There were two additional significant and positive movements with other prospective partners as well today.

So what am I trying to say? It is this. At t a time when so many business owners are trying to figure out which way to turn and how they can even survive, there are opportunities. We have got to continually re-examine our businesses and see if we are doing things the right way. For years I’ve asked the question; “We know we can get customers, but are we sure we are getting the right customers?” We all work in different industries. Do we know where those industries are trending? Are we making adjustments?  Laughlin Associates has been built on direct mail marketing. That was the way we marketed for 35 years. That doesn’t work so well anymore. We can’t expect that direct mail will ever again produce like it once did. The world has changed.  And so we must look for; New Ways. New Strategies. New Customers. New Partners.

We as small business owners cannot allow ourselves to get discouraged or sit around wringing our hands. The efforts of people like you will make or break the financial recovery of this country. The Big-Business-Bailouts will make very little difference to our day-to-day operations. We must bail ourselves out. And we should not complain about it. We have made a choice to drive our own bus. That means taking responsibility for ourselves and our future. So, let’s do it.  And while we are at it, let’s do it in new, innovative, and exciting ways. After all, that’s what keeps things fun.

Editor’s Note: Laughlin Associates is always looking for new affinity partners.  Take a look at our website and if you think it might be a fit, send me an email. – AY