Are you as tired as I am of all the negative news coming at us daily from CNN, FOX, and the rest of the media? Are you as frustrated as I with the non-stop bickering amongst politicians, wringing of hands by the proponents of gloom and doom, and the constant petitioning of government for handouts? I am here to tell you that those pundits and politicians can never solve our nation’s many and significant problems. But I know who can.

I am in Las Vegas for the Laughlin Associates seminar. As is typical, the attendees are an interesting and impressive group. Without giving up specifics, I have visited with the owners of a barter company, one of the largest Ebay sellers in the country, a man who owns three electrical energy trading companies, and the host of a reality TV show. This is just a random sampling as there are 80+ people in attendance and each one has their own unique idea about how to make money.

The thing that I love most about our seminars is the people. These business owners are busy and yet they leave home and office and spend three to four days focusing on things that are forward looking. They come to learn about protecting assets, reducing taxes, estate planning and organizing their company so that they can someday leave it in style.

It is no wonder that these people are successful. While most businesses fail in the first 5 years, our clients generally survive and thrive. They beat the odds. Not necessarily because they are Laughlin clients but because they don’t just working IN their business. They constantly work ON their business. I have seen repeatedly that business owners who can view their projects as something more than a glorified job and who will take time to learn how and why a company works tend to keep their doors open. Our clients are more than employees of their businesses. They are architects of their destiny. Maybe that sounds sappy, but as I listen to their stories, the truth of that statement becomes clearer year after year.

I like my clients. They are fun, creative, and smart people. They are diverse in their gender, race, religious affiliation, hobbies, and industries. What they have in common is the ability to dream big, set aggressive goals, and the willingness and drive to do what it takes to get where they want to go. Knowing that there are millions more small business owners across the country just like my clients, let’s me ignore the whiners on the 24 hour news networks, gives me confidence in our country’s financial future, and keeps me committed to pursuing my own big dreams. Plus, I get to come to Las Vegas.