One of my greatest blessings in life is to be surrounded by smart, creative and driven people. No one exemplifies these qualities more than my colleague at Laughlin Associates, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Meghan Cole. For over 10 years Meghan has overseen all of the elements used by Laughlin to reach out to our clients and to the world at large. She has visited with hundreds, if not thousands, of business owners and come to understand the issues that affect them. She is a pleasure to work with and learn from. To that end, I share with you a message from my friend, Meghan Cole. – AY

“To avoid failure, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” – Unknown

Did you know that May 23-29, 2010 is Small Business Week? This is your special week and you should take a moment to reflect and congratulate yourself on what you’ve accomplished. Many people have the dream but it takes a certain individual to turn that dream into a reality.

So what does a week dedicated to Small Business Owners mean to you?  Probably not much in the big scheme of things.  You don’t get to take the week off, nobody’ going to throw you a parade  and  your employees aren’t going to thank you for their jobs.   But that’s ok, you wouldn’t be in business for yourself if you relied on other peoples accolades.

At Laughlin Associates, we understand the hard work and dedication it takes to start and grow a business. In 1972 we were founded by one person who saw an opportunity, took the risk and put his entrepreneurial spirit to the test. Since that time we’ve had the great pleasure to assist over 79,000 small businesses feel the same joy and excitement that comes launching a new venture.

Well, we just couldn’t let this important week go by without saying congratulations and giving you a special gift. Click on the link and receive a complimentary copy of “Eat That Frog,” authored by Brian Tracy.  Brian Tracy is a world-renowned expert on time management. He has delivered time management seminars to more than 250,000 people.  His audio program on time management, How to Master Your Time is the bestselling program of its kind in the world, in multiple languages.

This accessible book contains a series of practical, proven, effective techniques that every person can use to focus on their most important tasks, stop procrastinating and get more things done faster than ever before, everything a business owner needs.

Thank you to all the small business owners who are driving the economy. Thank you to all those entrepreneurs who took the leap and continue to strive for greater success. You truly are the backbone of America. – Meghan Cole