We, at Laughlin Associates, enjoy wonderful partnerships with some of America’s most influential thought leaders. No one fills the bill as a motivational thought leading pioneer better than our partner and friend Brian Tracy.
In this era of bailouts and increasing dependence by many on the “welfare state”, small business owners stand out as beacons of hope, courage and tenacity. Still, many business owners that I talk to have been getting discouraged lately and, I thought, could use a little pep talk. To that end, I offer the following from Brian Tracy. I hope that you come away from reading this as inspired by his message as I was. – AY

“The starting point of maturity is the realization that “No one is coming to the rescue.” Everything you are or ever will be is entirely up to you.

This life is not a rehearsal for anything else. This is the real thing. The game is on. Time is passing quickly, and all of your decisions and indecisions, your actions and inactions, have added up to create the life you’re living at this very minute. If you want things to be different in the future, you’ll have to make things different in the present. You’ll have to take complete charge of yourself and your life and make things change, because they won’t change by themselves… “

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