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As the CEO of Laughlin Associates, leader in small business incorporation services and seminars for small business, I was lucky enough to be on hand for the launch event of the An Empowered Woman Foundation on September 11, 2011.

Laughlin served as sponsor of the “Do I Feel Lucky” scholarship that was awarded to Bridgette Shemone, a Northern California actress and entrepreneur.

The event took place on the largest yacht in Marina Del Rey, CA. Among the guests and participants were financial guru, Loral Langemeier, Radio Personality and author, Les Brown, and CEO Space California President, Chimene Holmes.

The An Empowered Woman Foundation (AEWF) was organized to assist women striving to start a business but are in need of resources including mentoring and funding. Each year the foundation will sponsor 100 aspiring entrepreneurs and help them on their path to business development.

The scholarship winner, Shemone, accepted her winnings and promptly returned that amount back to the AEWF to help future female entrepreneurs achieve success and reach their dreams.

Desiree Doubrox, the CEO of An Empowered Woman, enthusiastically declared, “Now that’s what I call ‘An Empowered Woman!’” when asked about Shemone’s donation of her scholarship funds.

The AEWF mission is to annually support 100 women in launching a sustainable business that would positively impact their families and communities. This mission is supported and actualized by companies like Laughlin Associates that are contributing education and resources to assist such female entrepreneurs. For more information visit

 Laughlin Associates offers small business incorporation services in all 50 states, seminars for small business, advice for entrepreneurs on choosing an LLC vs. a Corporation, consultations on how to properly protect your assets, and Nevada resident agent service.

*Thank you to Ian Foxx of Foxx Media Group for the photos from this event.

One of the great pleasures of my job is getting to meet fascinating people who are doing fascinating things and to listen to their stories. I love it when those stories include efforts to help of small businesses succeed. One such company that is making a difference is An Empowered Woman (AEW). They have recently set-up a foundation specifically aimed at helping women who want to launch a company but may have challenges that make it especially difficult.  

I had the privilege of visiting with the Desiree Doubrox, CEO of An Empowered Woman, yesterday in anticipation of their “Dream Catcher” event that will serve as the official launch of the foundation (and in which Laughlin Associates will participate). The work that  AEW does to help women fulfill their dreams of owning their own business is truly remarkable. I encourage you to take a look at their web site ( and let women everywhere know about this terrific resource.


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