Aaron S. Young

Partner/Owner, CEO at Laughlin Associates

You can check out my “formal” bio on my company’s website: http://laughlinusa.com/

I have a passion for keeping small businesses safe.

I’m a seasoned businessman and entrepreneur. I’ve been lucky enough to have  great success in the business world by sticking to what I do best, which is to love people and love building things up–and also in knowing how to find the right partners to accomplish that success. Over many years I’ve founded and built companies from concept to success as well as worked with some great people in helping floundering companies turn into sound, profitable organizations. I’m blessed to say that I’ve been through many challenging situations and come through them with my businesses and relationships intact.

However, I believe that my greatest success is my wonderful marriage to my sweetheart of 23 years and in watching our children grow into useful and kind individuals who are not afraid to take chances themselves.

I love the independence of being an entrepreneur and understand the concerns of those starting and running an enterprise.  I love boiling issues down to their core, building relationships, and making projects work.